New For 2018: Waterless Pet Shampoo

Clean your furry friend without the need for water, thanks to Nilaqua 

In 2017 we welcomed waterless shampoo and bodywash brand ‘Pits & Bits’ which was ideal for festivals, or post-race use. This year we’ve got your furry friends covered too as we welcome their sister brand Nilaqua, which allows you to wash your pet effectively without water or rinsing – and it even repels bugs!

UK made and vet approved, Nilaqua is ideal for taking your companion on hikes, caravan and camping holidays or just a family day out. No more muddy paws when getting back into the car, or if they like to roll, Nilaqua will even remove fox mess and odours…without additional water or rinsing.

It’s easy to use too, Simply apply the kind and gentle water-based solution to your pet’s coat, massage to lift dirt into the solution and then remove by thoroughly towel drying. The towel is then dirty and your pet is clean!

The solution is so gentle it is suitable for horses, cats, rabbits and dogs.

Nilaqua is ideal for deterring ticks in long grass or fleas jumping on when socialising & general flies around the face thanks to a NATURAL flea, tick and fly repellent, blended from natural oils, infused into the shampoo. This shampoo works in the same way as the standard shampoo and no additional water is required.

It’s simple to use, just check out this video:


Find out more by checking out the products here: Shop Nilaqua