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A selection of fishing news from our friends at Angling Mail

Each week we bring your four articles from Angling Mail, right here on the GO Outdoors Blog. Plus this week a special video when Angling Mail popped into our Bedford store for a chat with the store’s Fishing expert.

Pike fly tempts  near-record perch

PIKE fly expert Greg Strelley landed one of the biggest authenticated perch ever at 5 lb 15 oz 8 dr – but nearly slipped it back unweighed and unphotographed as he thought the record was around 7 lb!

Greg, who sells pike flies and associated tackle, enters the top 5 list with the beast while fishing private water St. Mary Pit in Derbyshire.

Greg, 54, from Spondon in the same county, explained: ‘It was caught on a 6 in. long roach imitation fly fished on an intermediate fly line on a warm evening in about 8 ft of gin-clear water, using a very slow “figure-of-eight” retrieve.’


“I’m the right man to buy carp mecca Yateley”

A LOCAL businessman has thrown his hat into the ring to buy the symbolic Yateley complex in Hampshire.

Ross McGill lives close to what many consider the home of carp fishing and was only made aware that CEMEX Angling were selling their vast portfolio after a tree from the venue fell on his house!

This latest revelation follows on from other prospective buyers Legacy Angling – a venue bailiff and his partner – revealing their intentions to buy all of the fisheries.

Ross’s plan doesn’t take on other venues with him solely aiming to buy Yateley, which has a guide price of £2 million.


Snake’s green giant

THE Snake Pit – made famous as home to the biggest common carp in Britain – produced this 10 lb 12 oz tench for Paul Trelby.

The big green ‘un is the largest tench reported to Angler’s Mail this season. And it adds a fresh headline for the Colchester Angling Preservation Society-run venue, which shot to fame in 1991 when Damian Clarke – now a main man at Essex-based carp giants Korda – caught a 45 lb 12 oz common.


First TV “Peter” arrives for Crabtree challenge…

THE hour of  5am in torrential rain may not sound like the ideal backdrop for the start of something magical, unless you happened to be in the vicinity of the set for the inaugural filming of Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr. Crabtree.

Nine-year-old Henry Grayling, one of the four Angler’s Mail winners in our “Search For Peter”, was the first of John Bailey’s co-stars to step up before the real cameras for the eagerly-anticipated TV series.

Henry arrived in Norfolk with father John after a gruelling eight-hour journey from Devon and struck up an immediate friendship with JB and the production crew.


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Anglers Mail TV also paid a visit to GO Outdoors Bedford where they had a brief chat with the store’s fishing expert Hugh Lamberton