A very wet camping holiday – Karen McClusky

Karen’s Holiday saved in the nick of time

I am a seasoned camper but my husband is not. We attempted our first camping trip as a new family, with our two very small boys aged 20 months and 6 weeks, the last week in august, in Northumberland.

The site was beautiful, as was the County. However, the weather was not good and nor was my poor 10 year old tent. It leaked badly, which is no fun with a 6 week old! Our bedding and feet were soaked and my husband was miserable declaring “I am never doing this again, camping is rubbish!”, which i was very sad about as i had spent 2 years convincing him that camping was great fun.

We decided that it was a new tent or go home. So we went to the Newcastle GO Outdoors. I told my husband to go in first to have a look. He ran out of the store 5 minutes later shouting “have you got the discount card?”. “Of course!”, i declared. “Nice one!” he said and the smile spread across his face, “i have picked one already and it’s great”. We walked into the shop together and he showed me the Rock 5, which we both loved. Then we went to the tent display area and he was like a child in a candy store. “Check this one out, it’s massive!” as we looked at several larger tents which were also on offer. However, we had both set our hearts on the rock 5 as it was a whole sealed unit which for us meant DRY! We went back to the site, put our new home up and proceeded to have a fantastic holiday.

I was glad the campsite had tumbled dryers so i could get the bedding dry! It rained the first night and i laid there breathing a sigh of relief knowing that we were warm and dry.

Karen McClusky