What Do I Need for Sport Climbing?

If you’re wanting to get started in sport climbing but not sure what equipment you’ll need, then continue reading this guide to find out!

What Gear Will I Need for Sport Climbing?


climbing harness for sport climbing

First things first, you’ll need a harness. Harnesses are vital to ensure you stay safe on the rope and can attach other climbing equipment on there too. Ensure you adjust your harness so it fits comfortably and tightly around your waist and legs.

Check out our video below to see how to fit a harness:

Climbing Helmet

climbing helmet for sport climbing

A helmet is another vital bit of kit needed for sport climbing to ensure your safe and protect your head incase of falls or objects accidentally landing on you. Like with the harness, always ensure your helmet is adjusted to fit you and secured tightly.

Check out our video below to see how to see how to properly fit a helmet:

Climbing Shoes

climbing shoes for sport climbing

A good pair of climbing shoes is necessary when sport climbing. Optimum comfort and grip are essential when climbing rock and so choosing the right shoes is important. Here at Go Outdoors we stock climbing shoes from leading brands who have years of experience and expertise, so you can make sure you’re getting a top quality pair of shoes ready for your next climbing adventure.


climbing rope and rope bag

Rope is essential when sport climbing, as this will be attached to the harness on the climber and used to secure them and keep them safe when the climber both ascends and descends the route. It could be worth buying a rope bag to store your rope and other climbing equipment to make things easier when walking to the crag.

Belay Device

belay device

You’ll need a belay device when climbing so one person (the belayer) can stand at the bottom of the crag to ensure the climber doesn’t fall.



Quickdraws are used for clipping the climber into the rope along the route when ascending. When they’re not in use on the climbing route, the quickdraws will be clipped to the harness for easy access.

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