What should Santa REALLY be wearing?

The velvet suit is nice, but is it right for all the conditions Santa might face?

For a man that lives in the North Pole (or Lapland, depending on your story), Santa never seems to feel the cold. When he’s making his rounds on Christmas eve, he’ll be crossing through all manners of weather – so we’ve decided to offer the big man some advice to make the trip a little more comfortable.

When you’re likely to experience a change in the weather (let’s face it, heading from the North Pole to the Australian summer is about as big of a weather change as you’re likely to find), the layering system is something you need to make use of. It’s important to have a breathable baselayer, a comfortable midlayer and a protective outer. The layering system will keep you warm in the coldest temperatures, but lets you remove (and pack away) layers easily when your body starts to heat up.

Not sure about the layering system? Why not watch our instructional video to find out more.

Would Santa be the ultimate gear test? In terms of durable clothing, and comfort in all conditions, we certainly think so.

The layering system isn’t just for Santa, it can help you keep safe and warm this winter, whether you’re out walking or just braving the cold. Managing your body temperature is an extremely important aspect of staying safe. Make sure you keep extra layers in the boot of your car for snowy conditions, and you’ll be ready – whatever the weather.

Merry Christmas!

(Oh and Santa, if you’re reading this – your nearest GO Outdoors store is probably Inverness)