World Orienteering Championships come to Highlands

The Scottish Highlands will play host to the World Orienteering Championships in 2015 

British Orienteering has scored a big win for the sport, bringing the 2015 world orienteering championships to the Scottish Highlands, beating out a bid from Sweden. The event will be hosted in picturesque Inverness.

Later this year GO Outdoors will be opening a brand new store in Inverness, so naturally we’re quite excited to be a staple part of the outdoor community in the Highlands by the time the championships role around. The event will feature terrain from Moray Firth and areas of Cairngorms national park.

Those who have been know how challenging and rewarding the area can be for outdoor enthusiasts. Keen walkers travel from all around the UK to visit the Cairngorms to conquor it’s peaks. The last time the world championships were held in Scotland was in the same area all the way back in 1999.

It marks another major sporting event being held in Scotland around that time, with a hope that excitement will still be high off of the back of the Commonwealth Games being held in Glasgow in 2014. The events will introduce thousands to Scotland and the vast outdoor possibilities it holds, as well as proving that Scotland is an ideal place to host major world sporting events.

It feels good that the UK as a whole is getting more involved in sport once more in a span of three years we will be hosting the Olympics, The Commonwealth Games and the World Orienteering Championships. That’s pretty amazing when you think about it, hopefully it will inspire our sporting stars of the future to put in the effort and get more involved in the sports they love.

If the sporting life isn’t for you, don’t forget that many of these sports and activities make ideal hobbies as well, If you are looking for a new challenge why not check out our blogs on keeping fit outdoors and the relative to orienteering, Geocaching. Will the championships coming to Inverness inspire you to make a trip to the Highlands soon? Grab your favourite Waterproof jacket, a pair of boots and go exploring in a real gem of the UK outdoors.