“On the Wrist” navigation: Garmin Fenix vs Suunto Core

Two men with healthy egos… two watches with a point to prove… and a race across the hills to the finish.

It was time to test the latest technology in electronic navigation and see which device could help Mike or Ollie become king of the navigators.

Who will prevail?

In today’s world, navigating the hills with just map and compass is becoming increasingly over shadowed by the vast range of electronic navigation devices available. These devices are packed with features that aim to make your life that little bit easier. But are they any good?

Given the rise and growing popularity of these nifty gizmos, we thought it was time to strap them on and test them out.

Two of our favourites and both “big hitters” in the navigational watch world are the Garmin Fenix GPS and the Suunto Core ABC.

Equipped with a hi-tech watch each and a trusty map, Mike and Ollie were dropped in an unknown, remote location and left to navigate to the finish.

Who would be first?

Let see how they got on…