New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year from all of us at GO Outdoors.

It’s that time of year where the Gym starts to fill up, the salads fly off the shelves in the supermarkets and the most people try to give up smoking. What was your new years resolution for 2012? We took to Facebook and Twitter to ask our customers if they had made a resolution to try out some new activities in 2012 and we were thrilled with the response.

A new year always brings promise and the will to want to try something new. That was the general theme of the response we got from our customers who were looking to either do more of an activity or to try something completely new in a bid to stay fit this year. While the gym isn’t for everyone and can be quite full at this time of year, the outdoors is a year round fitness centre and can offer up a lot of opportunities to keep you busy and keep your heart pumping.

Last year we posted a blog on the top ways to keep fit outdoors and it’s no surprise to hear that one of the more popular activities you told us you were taking up this year was walking. Walking is fantastic for fitness because it offers varying degrees of difficulty depending on your level of fitness. It can range from a brisk walk on your local trail, to a strenuous hike across a mountain range. Walking is great for the heart and an ideal way to relax in the fresh air after a hectic week at work, even better that it’s an activity you can involve the whole family in.

For those looking for a viable alternative to the gym, perhaps think about Climbing. Climbers often have that desirable V-shape upper body, it’s a fantastic way to keep trim and tone up. Never tried it? Many of our stores boast a free climbing wall, so pop in and give it a try!

Another popular choice was camping. You can’t move in today’s Britain without hearing what financial trouble the country is in, with rising expenses and families having to be a little more conservative with their cash camping offers a great break away at a low cost price. Not only that, but once you own a tent, its yours and can be used year on year if looked after properly. Many people who camp go back year on year, it’s a very addictive past time and offers you great access to other outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, climbing, pony trekking and much more.

With 2012 being an Olympic year and Olympic fever likely to take over Great Britain this Summer, many will encourage you to try a new activity this year, something you have never done before. We at GO outdoors think this is a great idea, whether it is a sport or an outdoor activity, try something new and get your heart pumping.

Want something a little more out there with an instructors help? Why not take a look over at our outdoor activity booking website GO Activities for a whole range of affordable outdoor pursuits.

Do you have an outdoor related resolution? Leave us a comment

Enjoy yourselves and good luck with your resolutions!

– Brandon