Zombie Survival Kit List

Why GO Outdoors is your one-stop zombie survival shop 

Whether you’re a fan of Halloween, horror movies or The Walking Dead, there is a big obsession with zombies in the world today. The obsession stretches so far that the Pentagon actually has a zombie survival plan, fear of the undead is a very real thing.

So it got us thinking – what would you do if we really were subject to a zombie apocalypse?

Simple answer: Get to GO Outdoors. Now I know what you’re thinking: ‘Even in times of impending apocalyptic doom these guys are STILL trying to get me in store?’, but hear us out and we think you’ll agree with our thought process.

GO stores are generally large metal/brick buildings which are great materials for keeping zombies on the outside. The stores are also (mostly) located away from the busy city centre, which keeps you clear of major hoards. We stock plenty of durable clothing for any weather, along with survival gear, fuel, and even food. Not such a crazy idea after all, huh?

If you’re the travelling survivor type, however, we’ve pulled together a great kit list that should go some way to keeping you safe.

Kit to survive a zombie apocalypse

  • Clothing – Your best chance of survival is utilising the layering system. This means layering your clothing correctly so that you have the best possible chance to stay warm in the cold, and the ease of shedding layers when you’re on the run. A blood-soaked cotton t-shirt might look great in an 80’s action movie, but the wipe clean coating of a waterproof jacket is far more practical.

  • Footwear – Strong soles coupled with ankle support mean that walking boots are an ideal choice of footwear for loose terrain, the last thing you want is to roll your ankle running away from a zombie. They’re also nice and strong for kicking down doors, or the undead.
  • First Aid – How often do we see it in the films? Medication runs out during the zombie apocalypse because people just assume you won’t need a first aid kit. To survive you need to be able to protect yourself and those around you, we stock first aid kits from pocket size to mountain use.


  • Head Torch – No lights in buildings, no street lights – you’ll need to provide your own. A head torch is ideal because it keeps both of your hands free for the surviving you’re going to need to do.


  • Map & Compass – Grab an Ordnance Survey map of your local area, your phone and GPS battery will die off eventually, but maps will always be useful when it comes to working out how to get to higher ground, safe buildings, rivers etc. Not sure how to read a map? Learn the basics here.

  • Rope – There are plenty of uses for a good strong rope, whether you’re climbing, need a pulley, or you need to tie up your survival buddy because he’s about to turn. Easy to carry and multi-use. Don’t fancy carrying a rope? Check out the Bear Grylls survival bracelet above, 12 feet of paracord and carried on your wrist.


  • Sleeping Bag – You’ll need to sleep at some point, grab yourself a sleeping bag that can handle colder temperatures so it will last through the seasons.


  • Rucksack – A rucksack is probably the best way to make sure you can take everything with you, make sure you pick one up that fits correctly. Most rucksacks will be able to attach a sleeping bag or tent, have straps for extra items to be added to the outside, as well as a spacious inner. You can get a free rucksack fitting service in our stores – but we’d probably recommend sorting that out before the apocalypse, the queues will be huge after.

  • Tarp – These are really simple, easy bits of kit to transport. A section of tent material, with guy lines and poles to create an easy shelter. Ideal for the rain, and to be able to look around for any oncoming threat.


  • Camping Food – Forget your short life food, it’s pre-apocalypse stuff. As with any survival, you need to look toward dehydrated foods, high energy carbs like flapjacks and pastas. You’ll be using a lot of energy on the run, and you’ll need the carbs to reload for tomorrow.

  • Water purification– The longer you survive, the more chance the water will start to turn less than fresh, that’s where water purification tablets come in. Stay hydrated, stay on the run, stay alive.


  • Multi-tool – If you don’t own a multi-tool, you really should. Tools like Leatherman, or Swiss Army Knives are actually useful in a survival situation, even if your dad is still trying to find a use for that one he got a few Christmases ago. Look for an action packed multi-tool like the Leatherman Surge, featuring useful tools such as wire cutters, pliers, screwdrivers, blades, files and more.


  • Flint & Steel – Lighters run out of fuel, matches might get wet, a flint & steel is a great way to get a fire going when you need some warmth, or if you want to draw some attention to your location, hopefully only human attention.

  • Weaponry – It’s not really our place to suggest weaponry. Use your imagination, BUT ONLY on Zombies.


  • Helmet – Zombies like brains, so rather than give them easy access to your head, why not cover up with a helmet? At GO we’ve got helmets for cycling, climbing and skiing.


As you can see, there’s a lot to think about when conducting your zombie survival plan, so sit down, get out your notepad and start making plans now. While your friends are running to the local supermarket for the last few loaves of bread, you’ll be heading to the one-stop zombie survival shop.

Can you think of anything we’ve missed? Why not let us know in the comments below.




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