Protect Your Travel Luggage with Numinous

A brand new range of anti-theft rucksacks at GO Outdoors 

Gap year travelling is becoming more and more popular, with many spending their summers or longer backpacking to the far reaches of the globe in search of memories they can keep for a life time.

As anyone with backpacking experience will tell you, the worst nightmare of any traveller is theft. When your rucksack contains everything, security is key.

If you have ever been on holiday and the airline has lost your luggage, you’ll know how frustrating and upsetting it can be to wait the 3 days for the airline to get your bag back to you. Now imagine you are travelling for 12 months, your whole world is confined to your rucksack and an opportunistic thief strikes at the hostel you are staying in. Losing your possessions while travelling can be incredibly upsetting and in some cases can cut your adventure short.

The folks at Numinous Packs have come up with a solution. Their range of backpacks come with key security features:

  • Anti-slash material

  • Anti-puncture zips

  • TSA Accepted Locks

  • Retractable lock

Research shows that on average a traveller will carry around ¬£1500 worth of their own possessions while travelling (Clothing, phone, tablet computer, MP3 player etc) as well as important travel documents and those ‘priceless’ sentimental souvenirs from their travels. Looking after these possessions is key to keeping it a trip to remember, rather than it quickly becoming a trip to forget.

These packs were designed with backpackers in mind. The folks at Numinous drew on their past experiences of travelling and also having items stolen from them while travelling. With that in mind they aimed to create a range that aims to help give the traveller piece of mind no matter where they are in the world, that possessions will be much safer in a Numinous pack. That means all you have to concentrate on is the fun of discovering the world.

You can view the full Numinous Packs range here