The Best Places to go Camping in the UK

What better way to enjoy the summer, experience the outdoors and make unforgettable memories than camping? Not only does camping help you get away from the hustle and bustle, reduce stress, and reset your body clock, but it is also the ideal way to bond with your family or partner and learn a new hobby.

We’ve put together a ranking of the best spots across the United Kingdom for camping, based on factors like price, pet friendliness and internet access. We also found the best places for families, couples and luxury camping, for those not so keen on packing a tent and bags of camping equipment.

If you’re searching for inspiration on where to go camping, look no further. We’ve found the perfect camping location for your ideal getaway, no matter how you want to spend your time outdoors.

The Best Places to go Camping

best camping places in the UK

1. Cairngorms – Camping score: 9.36/10

Cairngorms National Park is famous for being home to four of Britain’s five highest mountains, starlit night views and the historical towns which surround it. If that sounds like your Greatest Day, you won’t be surprised to see the Cairngorms is in first place on our list as the best spot for camping in the UK. The area is home to stunning scenery and breathtaking landscapes, and is popular with people of all ages.

Wigwam Holidays Glenlivet nestled in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park is the ultimate place to camp in the middle of woodlands, while Glenshee Glamping is an idyllic location with llamas, donkeys and goats.

The average cost of a small tent for two adults is £24 per night – cheaper than most locations on our list. We found that 83% of campsites are pet friendly and 57% are open all year round, while three quarters have internet access.

2. Dumfries & Galloway – Camping score: 8.79/10

This popular Scottish camping location is the perfect place for off-the-grid camping, home to Galloway Forest Park – the largest forest in Scotland. Camping options range from quiet ranches like Balloch O Dee to the more lively Auchenlarie Holiday Park, home to a pool, bar and bistro. 

We found that the average cost of a small tent for two adults is £20 per night – that’s the cheapest price we found across all of the locations we looked at. Almost all campsites are pet friendly, 45% are open year-round and 73% have internet access.

3. Fort William – Camping score: 7.53/10

The second Scottish camping spot in our top three, Fort William is ideal for those seeking a peaceful, remote getaway.

The priciest location to camp out of our top three, a small tent for two adults in Fort William costs on average £27.88 for one night. 3 in 4 campsites are pet friendly, while 53% are open year-round and 73% offer internet for campers.

The Best Places for Family Camping

best places for family camping

1. Fort William – Family camping score: 8.93/10

If camping near the shores of Loch Linnhe, in a location close to the popular tourist attraction of Ben Nevis sounds like the Greatest Day for you and your family, then Fort William is the perfect place for your next adventure.

Bunree Caravan Club Site next to Loch Linnhe is around 10 miles from Fort William, offering breathtaking views, a kids’ playground and situated around 5 miles away from the nearest beach, Sallachan stone beach. Ben Nevis Holiday Park campsite overlooks the famous mountain and has electric hook ups, a kids’ playground, and is ideal for both older and younger children.

We looked at all the available campsites in the area and found that 87% are ideal for older children and 73% are ideal for younger children. 13% of all campsites have a kids’ playground and almost three quarters have internet access. On average, a family tent in Fort William costs £32.75.

2. Conwy – Family camping score: 8.08/10

Conwy, in the heart of North Wales, is a popular spot for campers, thanks to its medieval history, unmatched views and peaceful atmosphere. Ideal for families, Conwy is located next to Snowdonia National Park which offers a fun day out for families and children.

Around 69% of all campsites in Conwy are ideal for older children, 81% are ideal for younger children, 31% have a kids’ playground and 62% have internet access. The average cost of a family tent is £35.

3. Dumfries & Galloway – Family camping score: 8.04/10

Located in Scotland’s Southern Uplands, Dumfries & Galloway is one of the best places in the UK for families seeking a great camping experience.

73% of all campsites in the area are ideal for older children, with 63% ideal for young children and 40% offering a kids’ playground. Around three quarters also have internet access available, for those families who simply can’t be without it.. The average cost of a medium tent for a family in Dumfries & Galloway costs around £20 – the lowest out of our top three.

The Best Places for Luxury Camping

best places for luxury camping in the uk

1. Buckinghamshire – Luxury camping score: 9/10

Think camping and you might think of insects, leaky tents and sudden rainstorms, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. If your Greatest Day camping involves a glamping pod, private bathroom, electricity and running water, then luxury camping is perfect for you. 

Heron’s Rural Retreat offers secluded glamping pods and Adventurer’s Village is great for active families.

Buckinghamshire tops our list for the best location for glamping or luxury camping in the UK. 100% of all campsites we looked at in Buckinghamshire have glamping accommodation and 25% have hot tubs. We found that a quarter of campsites have internet access and all have showers.

2. Fort William – Luxury camping score: 8.49/10

Tucked away in the Scottish Highlands, Fort William is a popular camping spot for lovers of hiking and beautiful scenery. Campsites like Bunroy Park and Glen Nevis Caravan and Camping Park offer charming glamping pods for visitors.

In second place, Fort William is one of the best locations for luxury camping. Over half of campsites in Fort William have glamping pods, and 73% have internet access. We also found that around 3 in 4 of campsites have internet access and 100% have showers.

3. Hay-on-Wye – Luxury camping score: 8.45/10

The famous Welsh market town of Hay-on-Wye is a peaceful area for luxury camping. Accommodation options range from shepherds huts at Valley Yurts and teepee tents at Starry Meadow to glamping pods and even a converted bus at the Majestic Bus.

Looking at campsites in Hay-on-Wye, 67% have glamping options, 21% have hot tubs, 38% have internet access and 100% have showers.

The Best Places for Active Camping

best places for active camping in the uk

1. Cornwall – Activities camping score: 8.13/10

Cornwall is a hub for tourists, holidaymakers, beachgoers and caravan travellers from all over the world, famous for its incredible beaches, warm weather and amazing seafood. There are endless opportunities to try something new, from fishing to surfing and hiking. Now that definitely sounds like our Greatest Day.

Wooda Farm Holiday Park in Bude has exciting facilities including golf, a games room and tennis courts, while Polladras Holiday Park has a two-acre dog area and a nature trail.

For those who love trying activities while camping, Cornwall is the perfect place. Around 21% of all campsites in Cornwall have a games room, and 14% have a swimming pool. 19% of the campsites we found have fishing and three quarters are near a beach.

2. Dumfries & Galloway – Activities camping score: 8.10/10

Thinking of Scotland usually brings your mind to Edinburgh, the Scottish Highlands or the famous Loch Ness. However, hidden away in a western corner of the Southern Uplands, Dumfries & Galloway has plenty to offer for those who love activities and camping. 

Campsites like Seaward Holiday Park offer a heated outdoor pool, a dog exercise area and a TV and games room.

We found that of the campsites in Dumfries & Galloway 28% have a games room, 13% have a swimming pool and 53% have fishing opportunities. Around a half are also near a beach.

3. Conwy – Activities camping score: 7.72/10

Welsh cattle and mountain sheep characterise the Conwy countryside in the heart of North Wales. Conwy is the ultimate destination for those seeking a peaceful getaway filled with opportunities to practice a skill or learn something new.

Around 12% of Conwy’s campsites have a games room, while despite the often colder weather, 4% have a swimming pool and 23% have fishing. Conwy’s coastal location means that half of campsites in the area are near a beach, making it a must-visit camping spot for those who love swimming, surfing and even dolphin spotting!

The Best Place for Couples Camping

best places for couples camping in the uk

1. Hadrian’s Wall – Couples camping score: 8.60/10

The ultimate spot for couples camping is Hadrian’s Wall. If your Greatest Day involves a long week of camping, then this is the perfect location for you. The national trail at Hadrian’s Wall stretches 84 miles and passes through Northumberland National Park, taking roughly 6-7 days to fully complete. The Larches Caravan Park is an adult-only campsite, home to beautiful landscapes and is fully serviced with water, waste and electricity.

Of all the campsites near Hadrian’s Wall, 79% are peaceful, with 24% having hot tubs and 58% open all year round. Ideal for couples, around 18% of Hadrian’s Wall campsites are adults only.

2. Somerset – Couples camping score: 8.12/10

Somerset is known for its rolling hills, sandy beaches and stunning areas of natural beauty, making it a popular camping spot for people of all ages. Camping in Somerset can mean exploring caves, fields and the seaside, providing endless opportunities for adventure.

Old Oaks Touring Park is one campsite in Somerset which is ideal for couples. The AA Campsite of the year 2018 has wildlife, glamping pods and even a fishing lake. Waterrow Touring Park is the ideal spot for couples who love woodland walks and stunning countryside views.

For couples who love the outdoors, Somerset is one of the best places to camp. Around 70% of all Somerset campsites are peaceful and 15% have hot tubs, making for an extra special getaway. Around 44% are open year-round and 19% of campsites are adult-only – more than any other location we looked at! 

3. Cambridgeshire – Couples camping score: 7.64/10

Cambridgeshire is one of the most popular places to camp in the country, thanks to its peaceful atmosphere, accessibility for beginner campers and endless options for campsites. From glamping to RV camping, there’s no shortage of options for couples in Cambridgeshire.

Of all Cambridgeshire campsites, 72% are peaceful and 16% have hot tubs, making them perfect for couples wanting a romantic getaway. We found that almost half of campsites in Cambridgeshire are open year-round while 16% are adult only.

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We wanted to find the best areas in the UK for camping, so we compiled a list of camping locations using lists from Condé Nast Traveller, Skyscanner, National Trust and Outdoors Magic.

We then sourced the percentage of campsites with a kids’ playground, open all year, pet-friendly, peaceful, adult only, fishing, with internet access, with glamping options, ideal for older and younger children, with showers, with toilets, with hot tubs, near a beach, with a games room and with a swimming pool from Campsites on 18th July 2022.

We also sourced the average price of camping in each location from Campsites, using the average price of a small tent for two adults for one night, arriving on 6th August 2022. We used the lowest priced available option for each campsite in each location, and then took an average of these prices to find the average cost of camping in each location. For family camping, we used the average price of a medium tent for two adults and one child aged 10 for one night, arriving on 6th August 2022.

We formed our ranking by giving each location a normalised score out of 10 for each factor before taking an average score to find the best places for each type of camping. Each factor was weighted differently to reflect its importance in each ranking.