How to Beat Blue Monday

First things first, what exactly is Blue Monday?

Arriving on the third Monday of every January, Blue Monday is supposedly the most depressing day of the year. It has been awarded this gloomy tittle due to a combination of factors including post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights, debt level and a lack of motivation. Sound familiar?

A number of us may be feeling some, if not all, of these issues throughout January, and that’s why we want to help turn your Blue Monday into a happy Monday! So whether you’re feeling down this Blue Monday, or you’re having a blue day at any time of the year, you’ve come to the right place to beat those blues!

Get active this Blue Monday

Get Active

As we all know, keeping fit is key to a healthy body and mind. Taking part in exercise releases endorphins, making us feel happy. So why not get active this Blue Monday?

Kick-start your day by walking, running, or cycling to work (if it’s not too far away). Not only will this leave you feeling fresh, energised and ready to tackle the day ahead, but ditching motorised transport benefits the environment too! And if you work from home, simply take 30 minutes before your day starts to achieve this.

If you don’t have time before work, then how about getting active after work? Make some time in your evening to walk or cycle around the estate, complete an online workout or head out to the gym. And remember, if you’re heading outside in cold conditions or after work, it will more than likely be dark outside. Check out these blogs for some top tips on walking and cycling during the cold and dark winter months:

Take on a challenge this Blue Monday

Take on a New Challenge

Many of us are caught up in monotonous routines of working, doing house chores, browsing social media and watching television. Or perhaps you’re simply bored of the current activity you do! So why not try out a new sport, join a team or take up a new hobby this Blue Monday? You could even challenge yourself to walk up a mountain, or completing a 10k run.

Challenging yourself and trying something new is very rewarding once completed, leaving you feeling happy that you’ve achieved something. There’s plenty of sports and activities to try out, so tackle that unmotivated January feeling and try something new today!

Check out these blogs for guidance on some fun activities to try:

Get outside this Blue Monday

Get Outside

It may seem obvious but getting yourself outside each day will certainly improve your mood!

The sunshine (that we occasionally get in the UK), fresh air and natural light will brighten your mind and boost your mood. So this Blue Monday, be sure to get yourself outside – even if it’s just for 15 minutes! Set some time aside for yourself and soak up that great British air. Take a look at this blog here to find out more about how the outdoors will improve your mood:

How the Outdoors Benefits your Mental Health

Try out yoga or meditation this Blue Monday

Yoga or Meditation

Whether you’re feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or down, taking part in yoga or mediation will help. Not only will it help you to feel more calm and relaxed, but yoga has many other benefits too, including building strength, improving heart health and increasing flexibility and balance.

Pause your mind this Blue Monday, stop your busy schedule for just 30 minutes, and take some time out to participate in yoga or meditation. There’s plenty of videos and audio books to watch and follow online. Or check out these websites here for more information and how you can get started:



Plan a camping trip this Blue Monday

Plan a Camping Trip

Planning a getaway for the future and having something to look forward to is a key essential to happiness and could help steer those blues away. So why not look ahead and focus on planning an exciting camping trip?

Whether it’s with family, friends or even on your own, sleeping under the stars is a wonderful way to escape reality, relax and appreciate nature. There are many elements to consider when preparing for a camping trip, such as the location, activities to do and who to share the experience with. Check out our blog for some great practical advice for your future staycation:

Camping Advice for Your Staycation

We recommend these resources to help you find an ideal location for your next night outdoors:

Pitch Up: A website covering both Europe and the USA, for booking camping, glamping and caravan parks. It also offers additional information about nearby cycling, walkting or local events.

Coolcamping:  Allows you to explore quirky camping, glamping and caravanning trips around the UK and Europe. You can also view festival news and camping equipment reviews here.

Work hard, play hard this Blue Monday

Work Hard, Play Hard

This Blue Monday the majority of us will be working. But you know what they say, work hard, play hard. Or what we like to say, work hard, play harder! Having rest, plenty of sleep and taking breaks is just as important as work, and is key for a happy and healthy mind and body. Not only this, but engaging in fun activities, meeting with friends, keeping fit or having hobbies is also vital for keeping those blues at bay! So remember, a work life balance is key!

Here are our top tips to ensure you’re staying happy and healthy whilst working full time:

  • Take regular short breaks away from screens (computer, phone, tablet etc)
  • Allow yourself some time each evening to do some exercise
  • Get some natural daylight each day
  • Take some time out each week to focus on a hobby you love
  • Have plenty of sleep
  • Drink lots of water
  • Stay in touch with friends and family

Let’s beat Blue Monday together!

Check out the link below for important helplines incase you or a loved one needs them.