The Best UK Holiday Spots

The best UK staycations for couples, families and campers revealed.

The UK has many gorgeous cities, towns, and regions that make great staycation destinations. They offer an abundance of opportunities to explore the outdoors, including plenty of walking escapes and city breaks.

While the UK may typically have weather that calls for a jacket, warmer weather is beginning to take hold, making it the perfect time for a British getaway. However, with so many choices, where are the UK holiday hotspots for 2024?

Well, the experts at GO Outdoors have updated their 2023 UK holiday Hotspots to bring you the best locations for this year. Having researched a range of data, including hotels, activities, local transport, weather, and popularity, we’ll reveal 2024’s best UK staycations. Additionally, we looked at which destinations would be best suited to couples, families, and those who would like to camp.

The Best Overall UK Holiday Hotspots

RankLocationPercentage of Highly-rated HotelsNumber of Activities Per km2Average Value Hotel Price Per NightAverage Annual Temperature (ºC)Average Annual Rainfall (mm)Average Cost of Local TransportAverage Starting Taxi Tariff CostStaycation Google SearchesStaycation Hashtag PostsHoliday Score /10
13Kingston upon Hull50.6%3.5£84.009.840.9£2.00£2.6011,920407.85
14Isle of Wight74.0%1.1£147.0011.047.2£2.00£4.505,3301,5727.78

1. Newquay

Holiday Score: 9.72/10

Coming in first place as 2024’s UK holiday hotspot, Newquay scores 9.72 out of 10. Located on the north coast of Cornwall, the town is well known for its sandy beaches, with the Atlantic Ocean lapping at its shore.

Popular with beach-enthused tourists, Newquay has 27.2 activities per km2 and an average annual temperature of 11.4ºC, which rises to 16ºC on average during summer. Visitors can enjoy attractions such as the Newquay Zoo and Lane Theatre and the countless beaches, including Fistral Beach and Holywell Bay Beach, which are dog-friendly.

Popular on social media, there are 1,510 posts on Instagram and TikTok combined under the tags #newquaystaycation and #newquayholiday. Social media users primarily share pictures of Newquay’s gorgeous beaches and coastline. Almost three-quarters (74.7%) of hotels are rated four out of five and higher by users, including the White House Hotel and Lewinnick Lodge, which provides gorgeous ocean views.

2. Scarborough

Holiday score: 9.48/10

In second place, we have Scarborough. Located in North Yorkshire along the coast of the North Sea and with a score of 9.48 out of 10, Scarborough has the lowest average price for a “value” hotel, costing around £65 per night. Visitors can stay at The Black Swan Hotel, which offers express check-ins and check-outs, free Wi-Fi and a garden for families to enjoy on sunny days. It is one of the hotspots with the most hotels rated four out of five and higher by visitors, at almost four-fifths (78.4%). Luxury hotels, including Weston Hotel and Wrea Head Hal, give visitors a Victorian manor-esque experience, with gorgeous old buildings and lovely views of the Yorkshire countryside.

Scarborough was searched for getaways 25,180 times between April 2023 and March 2024. It has an average annual rainfall of 42.7mm and 604 combined hashtagged posts across TikTok and Instagram. Social media posts showcase pictures of the beach and the coastal Scarborough Castle, a medieval monument with exhibitions and events throughout the year.

With amusements, museums, beaches and 12.2 activities per km2 of the town, there are plenty of opportunities to explore and stay entertained. A day in Scarborough could involve visiting Peasholme Park, which has a lovely lake, the Sea Life Scarborough aquarium and the Rotunda Museum.

3. Canterbury

Holiday score: 9.07/10

In third place is Canterbury, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Kent, along the River Stour. The city ranked in the top five for holiday hotspots with the most activities at 23.1 per km2, the lowest average rainfall at 40.1mm annually, and the cheapest average starting taxi tariff at £2.60. Some of the most popular activities in Canterbury include a trip to St. Augustine’s Abbey, a Benedictine monastery founded in 589, or Westgate Gardens, with the Great Stour River along its route.

The location has an average annual temperature of 10.7ºC, rising to 16.3ºC in summer, with a short drive to Herne Bay Beach, just 20 minutes or under from the city centre. Many enjoy the beach for its cleanliness and the pier and nearby eateries, including A La Turka Herne Bay, serving authentic Turkish dishes.

The Best UK Holiday Hotspots for Couples

RankLocationAverage Annual Temperature (ºC)Average Annual Rainfall (mm)Average Hotel Price Per night, July (double room)Google Searches for StaycationsSocial Media Staycation Hashtag PostsPercentage of Couples ActivitiesPercentage of Romantic RestaurantsNumber of Glamping SitesNumber of LodgesPercentage of 4*+ HotelsCouples Holiday Score /10
1Isle of Wight11.047.2£85.005,3301,57215.7%16.7%123527.9%9.67

1. Isle of White

Couple holiday score: 9.67/10

The Isle of Wight is in first place, scoring 9.67 out of 10 across various factors. It ranked second for the UK couple’s holiday hotspots with the highest number of lodges—at 35. Lodges include Log Cabin in the Isle of Wight, Ventnor, offering visitors a unique open-plan layout with an open fire, Wi-Fi, and two bathrooms.

The Isle of Wight also has one of the highest average annual temperatures, at 11ºC, and one of the lowest average costs of a double hotel room in July, at £85. Hotels such as The Broadway Park Hotel and The Brunswick have free Wi-Fi, a coffee machine in your room and a bar lounge. One in every six activities (15.7%) is recommended for couples, including a day out visiting Osbourne House and Shanklin Chine. Additionally, over one in six restaurants (16.7%) are romantic, including Burr’s Restaurant, which reviews praise for its three-course set menu, offering a great variety of choices at a reasonable price. It has 12 glamping sites, including Grange Farm, where visitors can camp while enjoying home comforts such as electricity and insulation in their glamping pods, all with the addition of unpolluted sea air.

The Best UK Holiday Hotspots for Families

RankLocationAverage annual Temperature (ºC)Average Annual Rainfall (mm)Google Searches for StaycationsSocial Media Staycation Hashtag PostsPercentage of Family-friendly HotelsPercentage of Kids ActivitiesNumber of Nature and Wildlife Areas (per 50 km2)Percentage of Child-friendly RestaurantsAverage Percentage of Tree CoverageAverage Cost of A Family Hotel Room (per night)Family Holiday Score /10
7Isle of Wight11.047.25,3301,57229.1%27.5%2.262.7%18.4%£194.128.96
16St Albans10.139.9190427.5%15.8%5.758.2%20.9%£125.407.72

1. Canterbury

Family holiday score: 9.51/10

Canterbury is the UK’s best holiday hotspot for families, scoring 9.51 out of 10. Ideal for adventurous families, the city has 25.8 nature and wildlife areas per 50 km2 and an average tree coverage of 22.3%. Outdoor-loving families can visit Franciscan Gardens, where they can spot the various shrubs and herbs – ideal for teaching children about nature.

The city has a high proportion of child-friendly restaurants on TripAdvisor, with over half (59.7%), and the lowest average cost for a family hotel room is budget-friendly, £91.67 per night. Families visiting Canterbury might dine at the Notorious BRG, which offers an extensive standard and vegan menu for kids and adults alike. One budget hotel in the area is Number 8, just a short walk from Canterbury Cathedral and East Train Station.

The Best UK Camping Holiday Hotspots

RankArea NameNumber of Nature and Wildlife Areas (per 1,000 km2)Average Annual Temperature (ºC)Average Annual Rainfall (mm)Number of CampsitesPercentage of Campsites With Disabled FacilitiesPercentage of Campsites With Kids PlaygroundsPercentage of Campsites Open Year RoundPercentage of Campsites With Internet AccessPercentage of Pet-friendly CampsitesAverage Camping CostCamping Holiday Score /10
3East Sussex14.611.144.75527.3%29.1%27.3%40.0%100.0%£57.109.12
4North Yorkshire5.89.942.719038.4%24.2%42.1%54.7%86.8%£72.879.04
5Dumfries and Galloway4.29.375.54240.5%38.1%47.6%61.9%97.6%£52.759.02
6Scottish Highlands1.88.042.17443.2%28.4%50.0%73.0%86.5%£71.588.89
8West Midlands38.89.643.520624.3%25.2%48.1%43.2%79.6%£70.488.83
18West Sussex15.110.344.15529.1%25.5%32.7%45.5%76.4%£92.647.49
19Conwy County1.810.165.02630.8%30.8%50.0%57.7%76.9%£75.007.36

This index reveals the UK regions best for camping holidays, analysing the number of campsites, average camping costs, and campsite facilities such as disabled facilities, kids’ playgrounds, internet access, and pet-friendly campsites.

1. Cornwall

Camping holiday score: 9.98/10

Known for its beautiful beaches and coastlines, it’s perhaps no surprise that Cornwall comes first among the UK regions best for camping holidays, scoring an outstanding 9.98 out of 10. The county has the biggest choice of campsites at 273, including The Old Stables Campsite, which offers nearby access to Godrevy Beach, electric hookups and showers.

Additionally, the average price for two nights in a medium tent with two adults and two children in July is an affordable £57.25. There are 13 nature and wildlife areas per 1,000 km2 for the family to explore, including The Lost Gardens of Heligan—Europe’s biggest garden restoration project. Of the 273 campsites, over a third (35.2%) have kids’ playgrounds, including East Crinnis Holiday Park and Wooda Farm.

The Best Equipment for Camping Holiday Hotspots

For those visiting one of our holiday hotspots, ensure you’re equipped and ready for your trip.

Tents – If you’re visiting one of our camping holiday hotspots a tent is an essential, available in different sizes for all group sizes and budgets.

Sleeping bags – Important for getting the best night’s sleep possible – make sure you buy the correct season bag according to the weather.

Camping Chairs – A comfortable seat is always welcome whether you’re heading out to the beach for a dip or looking to take in the sunset.

Sun Loungers – Kick back, relax, and take in the sun while reading a book or taking a nap.

Sun Cream – Ensure you’re keeping yourself and others protected from harmful UV rays.

Sunglasses (Men’s, Women’s, Kids’) – Look great whilst protecting your eyes.


Holiday Locations Ranking

Using articles such as Country Living’s “Staycation planning? Top trending UK destinations for 2024”, ELLE’s “Best UK Staycations For 2024: From Devon To Cornwall, and TimeOut’s “The 15 best places to visit in the UK in 2024” we built a seed list of 50 popular cities and towns in the UK for holidays. We also reviewed Conwy Lodge Park’s “10 staycation in Wales holiday ideas” and Country Living’s “19 of the best staycations in Scotland for 2024” to ensure the whole of the UK is covered.

We used TripAdvisor to source the percentage of hotels rated four out of five stars and above and the number of things to do for each town and city. We used the Office for National Statistics Estimates of the Population table MYE5 to normalise the number of things to do by area (km2) of each location. This data was collected on 22/04/2024.

Using, we sourced the average night cost in a value for money hotel for two people per location on 26/04/2024.

We sourced the average temperature for each location across each season: summer (June, July, August), winter (January, February, December), spring (March, April, May) and autumn (September, October, November) using Weather Spark; in ºC. We sourced the average rainfall in mm for each season. We then calculated a yearly average for each location. This data was collected on 23/04/2024.

Using Numbeo, we sourced the average cost of a one-way ticket for local transport for each location and the price of a taxi’s standard tariff (start) in GBP on 24/04/2024.

Using Google Keyword Planner, we sourced the number of Google searches for staycations in each area. We looked at searches from the UK and used the search terms: “[location] holiday”, “Breaks in [location]”, and “[location] staycation”, taking the search volume between April 2023 and March 2024.

We sourced the number of hashtagged posts on Instagram and TikTok on 25/04/2024. We looked at the number of posts on each site for “#[location]staycation” and “[location] holiday”.

We created an index using these factors by giving each location a normalised score out of 10 for each factor before calculating the average score out of 10 for each area to show the best overall UK holiday hotspots. Locations with cheaper hotel costs and less annual rainfall ranked higher for these factors. The social media posts factor was given double weighting for this ranking.

Couples Ranking

Using Kayak on 23/04/2024, we took the average hotel room cost for 2 per night in July in GBP, utilising the hotel page for each location. Additionally, we used TripAdvisor to source romantic restaurants and the percentage of activities for couples on 26/04/2024.

Using Last Minute Cottages, we looked at the number of lodges and cabins available from July 6th to July 7th as of 26/04/2024.

We used Campsites to source the number of  “all glamping/accommodation” sites on 08/05/2024.

Using, we looked at the number of four—and five-star hotels for each city/town. We searched for each location, filtering to four—and five-star hotels for two adults in July. We calculated this as a percentage of the total number of hotels on 02/05/2024.

We also included Google searches, social media posts, the average annual temperature, and the average annual rainfall for this ranking.

We created an index using these factors. Locations with cheaper hotel costs and less annual rainfall ranked higher for these factors.

Family Ranking

Using, we sourced the average cost per night for a family hotel room in GBP  on 26/04/2024.

We used TripAdvisor to source ‘child-friendly’ hotels,restaurants, activities, and nature and wildlife areas for each location. Data was sourced on 26/04/2024.

We used the Office for National Statistics Estimates of the Population table MYE5 to normalise the number of nature and wildlife areas by the area (in kilometres squared) of each location; this data is accurate to June 2022. Where location’s areas were unavailable, we used City Population to get the area of each location in kilometres squared: this data was collected on 26/04/2024.

We used Forestry Maps to reveal the average percentage of tree and canopy coverage for each location on 26/04/2024.

We also included Google searches, social media posts, the average annual temperature, and the average annual rainfall for this ranking.

We created an index using these factors.

Camping Ranking

Using Campsites, we sourced the number of campsites in each county without applying filters. We then used the filters to record the number of campsites with disabled facilities, kids’ playgrounds, sites that are open all year round, internet access, and dog-friendly sites, calculating each as a percentage of the total number of campsites. This data was collected on 29/04/2024.

We then sourced the price for each campsite for each location to calculate an average cost, applying the filters: arrival date range 01/07/31 – 31/07/2024, medium tent (3-4 people), 2 adults and 2 children. Prices were taken in GBP, and we only used locations with at least 3 campsites with prices available to calculate the average cost.

We included the number of nature and wildlife areas in each location.

We included the average temperature for each location.

We created an index using these factors by giving each location a normalised score out of 10 for each factor before calculating an average score out of 10 for each area to show the best UK regions for camping. The number of campsites and average campsite cost factors were given 1.2 weighting in this ranking.